Friday, November 25, 2011

Testing the legs...

This is a little race story about a Kiwi called John Harris who raced
Quebec - Montreal in 1991, race distance 275km.

After racing solo for 190km John was caught by Gervais Rioux and some of the Evian Team , he went on the attack again and got away to win by 30seconds
John never drank much and only had 2 bidons for most of the race but in the last 25km he drank nearly 4 liters of coke
After the race John spoke to the media about his win
" I almost cried, having won such a classic race.Our manager had told me that I had to win, because they had entered a Team 12 times and not won it yet "
This is John just after the race.
Thanks to John for the photo and gayle for the little story .
I love the solo breakaway !!

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  1. Mal I keep telling you that all the good stuff happens in Montreal. The city (and me) are witing for your visit.